Advertiser Agreement
This Advertiser Agreement (Agreement) is entered into this day, by the following parties and is effective upon signing: QuikLinx Marketing Solutions (henceforth referred to as QuBranx), a corporation organized and existing under the laws of Lagos, Nigeria with its head office located at 9, Akinhanmi Street off Western Avenue, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria and You (Advertiser).

QuBranx is in the business of providing small business an inexpensive medium to advertise their products and service to the global market with emphasis on value and innovation for a fee. Advertiser desires to engage QuBranx to render, and QuBranx desires to render to Advertiser Consulting, certain web services.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual agreements and covenants herein contained the parties hereto agree as follows:

Advertiser engages QuBranx to render, and QuBranx agrees to render to Advertiser, certain web services in connection with the Advertiser’s Business Plan, designing your advert and deploying the advert on our business hub for a year under the QuBranx web portal for the sum of Twenty Five Thousand Naira only (N25,000:00). This includes a corporate profile which can be edited anytime, an aesthetic graphic design and a marketing campaign.

Advertiser informs QuBranx of the kind of information, data and graphic material that they want represented on the web Portal to allow QuBranx determine how plausible it would be.

If Advertiser has previous informative material that can be used for the web advert design and deployment, Advertiser is required to send this data to QuBranx in the required dimensions and format. (Refer to Requirements Section of Agreement)

Advertiser is entitled to make modifications to any design concept submitted by QuBranx before or during the web advert campaign [You will be allowed to make changes to your web campaign as many as four (4) times.]

Advertiser is required to submit all materials for web advert design at the point of commission, which follows after the filling out of the advertiser contract form and the signing of this contract agreement.

» Payments by Advertiser must be made to QuBranx at the point of commissioning; this signifies Advertiser commitment to the QuBranx project.
» Payments by Advertiser to QuBranx must be paid either by issuing cheques or by making cash deposits into Bank Account.
(Refer to Requirements Section of Agreement)

QuikLinx will sign the agreement herewith describing their position on fulfilling their responsibilities and delivering all proposed features as and when due within the stipulated timeframe expressed in the contract.


The Following must be sent to QuBranx
» A Photocopy of Advertiser’s CAC registration documents
» A copy of Advertiser’s Complimentary business card.

Advertiser can issue checks or make deposits into any Guaranty Trust Bank with the following details;

ACCOUNT NAME: QuikLinx Marketing Solutions
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 231- 689319-112

Advertiser must send in relevant data (information and pictures) & Corporate Logos in any of the following formats;

• Corporate Colours must be sent to QuBranx
• CorelDraw Format –Preferred file format for Corporate Logo